Residents’ Info

Need to figure out how to get approval for renovations to the outside of your home or when to put out your trash? This page provides important information to help simplify life for Holy Cross residents.

The best part of a neighborhood is the people who live there. Find out about activities and events where you can meet and mingle with the neighbors on this site as they occur.

Check out all the free events for both kids and adults at the Sanchez Center at 1616 Caffin Ave.

Holy Cross is home to many animal lovers. If you have a dog, please be considerate by keeping it on a leash and cleaning up after it. Please do not allow your dog’s barking to disturb your neighbors.

If a dog’s barking is disturbing you, politely let the owners know that their dog is disrupting the peace. If the barking continues, please call 311.

Many neighbors enjoy walking their dogs along the levee. Since this is not an official dog park, it is against New Orleans law to have your dog unleashed in this area. Dog owners put themselves, their dogs and other animals and neighbors at risk when they let their dogs romp around the levee off-leash. Due to recent issues with aggressive dogs along the levee you should be careful about letting your dog off its leash when others are around. You could face serious legal issue is your dog injures another person or animal.

Get information on dog-friendly areas in New Orleans.

Dog waste attracts rats and insects and is harmful when washed into the river. Please be sure to bring a plastic bag when walking your dog and clean up after your pet to avoid a fine.

Federal Coast Guard regulations mandate the opening of the bridges (St. Claude Avenue, Judge Seeber/Claiborne Avenue, and Florida Avenue) to marine traffic on signal, except during the following times, when the bridge will not be raised:

  • Monday through Friday, from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.
  • Monday through Friday, from 3:30 p.m. to 5:45 p.m.
  • federal holidays

Furthermore, the draws must also open at any time for a vessel in distress.

If the bridge is raised during the above-listed times when it must remain closed, please report this to the City as soon as possible using the following guidelines.

  • PHOTO: Please take a cell phone screenshot when the bridge is in its “up” position during the federally prohibited time-frame.
  • EMAIL: Please send photos to Sherae Hunter at Be sure to send photos ASAP:
  • LOCATION: Please note in the email the location/bridge where the incident occurred.

Please send the email with the photo as an attachment immediately to ensure that the time stamp on the email is as accurate as possible to reflect a violation of Federal Coast Guard regulations.

City Services
To report a medical emergency, fire or crime, call 911.

Contact 311 to report the following concerns: animal issues (bites, strays, wild animals, rodent problems, barking dogs), water emergencies, housing violations and vacant buildings, abandoned vehicles, downed signs, problems with traffic signals, fallen trees or branches, sanitation problems, health violations, graffiti in public areas, street damage, potholes and broken street lights.

Always write down the case number, the date of the call and a summary of the discussion so you can follow up if necessary.

How to contact 311

You can follow up on the status of your request at this link.

Visit the 311 site to find 311 calls, police calls, building permits, business licenses and vacation rental licenses issued by location.

Review this list of additional numbers for City departments.

It’s easy for you to stay up-to-date with the neighborhood happenings.

  • Like the Holy Cross Neighborhood Association Facebook page to keep up with your neighbors, learn about activities in the area and see pictures from recent events.
  • If you have an address in Holy Cross, you can join our private NextDoor neighborhood social network. If you enter your mobile number, you can elect to receive a text whenever someone posts an emergency notice, such as a crime in progress.

The post office that serves Holy Cross is located at 1521 Poland Ave. Call 800-275-8777. The Arabi post office 748 Mehle St. is a convenient and less crowded location if you need to mail letters and packages or pick up stamps and other supplies.

Register to vote. Make your voice heard for Holy Cross. Register to vote at several local locations or online. Find out more.

Where to vote. Vote at All Souls Episcopal Church, 5500 St. Claude Ave. Be sure to bring one of the following:

  • a driver’s license
  • a Louisiana Special ID
  • some other generally recognized picture ID that contains your name and signature.

If you don’t have a picture ID, bring a utility bill, payroll check or government document that includes your name and address. You will still have to sign an affidavit furnished by the Elections Division to vote.

Our legislators. Holy Cross is in District E, which is represented by Councilman Cyndi Nguyen
City Hall, Room 2W60
1300 Perdido Street
New Orleans, LA 70112

Phone: 504-658-1050
Fax: 504-658-1058

Text YES to 504-608-0844 for text updates from the Councilwoman. This includes surveys, grand opening announcements and other information about District E. You can also follow her on Facebook.

Look up the legislators who represent Holy Cross and their contact information.

If you are making external renovations to your home, they must conform with historic standards established by the Historic District Landmarks Commission (HDLC).  Review the HDLC approval process and the guidelines for renovations.

For more information, call the HDLC at 504-658-7040.

As with all urban areas, safety is a concern. While Holy Cross is generally a quiet neighborhood, it is still important to use common sense to avoid becoming a victim.

  • Never walk alone at night.
  • Stay alert when walking. Never talk on the phone or have your headphones on and don’t leave valuables visible while walking.
  • Don’t leave anything visible in your car.
  • Lock the doors and windows of your home and don’t leave valuables visible through the window. Consider installing an alarm.
  • Call 911 to report any crime or if you see any suspicious behavior, such as people looking in cars or knocking on doors.
  • Get to know your neighbors, so you will know who belongs in the neighborhood.

The National Crime Prevention Council offers information on topics like preventing burglaries and sexual assault, outsmarting crime and safer seniors.

If you have a security camera, you can register it with, which will enable you to confidentially provide footage to NOPD should a crime occur around your property. You can also purchase a camera through

The New Orleans Police Department’s Fifth District holds a monthly New Orleans Neighborhood Police Anti-Crime Council  (NONPACC) meeting at the station, 3900 North Claiborne Avenue. NONPACC meetings are run by senior leadership of the district and provide updates on crime and police activity in the district as well as an opportunity to interface directly with the district commander. Meetings are open to the public. Check the NOPD’s calendar for upcoming meeting dates.

You can submit anonymous tips to Crimestoppers at 877-903-STOP.

Trash collection days:

  • Trash is picked up on Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Recycling (plastics, paper, cardboard, metal) and yard waste is picked up on Saturday. Yard waste such as leaves and grass clipping should be bagged and placed next to the cart. Tree limbs should be bundled in 4-foot lengths, weighing no more than 75 pounds. Residents who set out yard waste more than 24 hours before their scheduled pick-up will be subject to a fine.
  • Bulk trash (sofas, mattresses, tires, and other large items) is picked up on Saturday. Call 311 to schedule pick-up of bulky waste, such as appliances, furniture, carpet, more than 6 bundles of tree branches cut in less than 4-foot lengths, and up to 4 tires. Do not put it out more than 24 hours before collection, or you could be they will be fined. Small businesses are not eligible for bulk trash collection.

Take construction and demolition and other materials to:

Gentilly C&D Landfill
10200 Almonaster Blvd
New Orleans, LA 70127

RiverBirch Landfill
2000 S. Kenner Ave
Avondale, LA 70094

To request a trash or recycling bin, report missed collection or illegal dumping, call 311.

The Alvar Library (913 Alvar St. in Bywater) accepts your food waste for composting on Thursdays from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Bring vegetables, seeds egg shells, but no meat, bones or dairy. It must be frozen. Place it in a paper bag and drop it off or you can dump it from another type of container into the bin. Learn more.

The City encourages anyone who witnesses someone illegally dumping to report it to NOPD’s Non-Emergency Report line at 504-821-2222.

When possible, please take down the following information:

  • Incident: date, time, location and type of material
  • Vehicle: license plate number, color, make and model
  • Description of person(s) dumping: gender, age, hair color and clothing
  • Any other identifying or incriminating evidence: pictures
  • Your name and phone number (optional)

Get more information on trash disposal and requirements.