Welcome to Holy Cross, a distinctive, historic neighborhood located in Orleans Parish east of the Bywater and across the Industrial Canal. Originally named for the Holy Cross Brothers who established a Catholic high school in the neighborhood in 1879, the area was settled by Germans and Irish in the early 19th century when plantations were subdivided. African-American working class homeowners predominated prior to Hurricane Katrina, and the recovery led to a mixed income and more racially diverse area that includes many artists and musicians. Holy Cross is being rediscovered as a quaint and friendly community just a short drive or bus ride from the French Quarter and Central Business District.

The architecture of homes built along the “sliver by the river” include traditional shotgun houses, Creole cottages, bungalows and two-story Victorian and Queen Anne houses as well as two iconic Steamboat Gothic mansions built at the turn of the century. Properties in Holy Cross are remarkably affordable for first-time home-buyers and residents looking for more spacious yards and living areas while maintaining historic character and proximity to the city.

Residents enjoy running, biking and walking their dogs on the levee, which offers a thrilling view of the Mississippi River, French Quarter and Crescent City Connection Bridge. Fisherman gather along the banks to cast their lines in hopes of snaring catfish to fry for dinner while cargo ships, riverboats, tugs and barges provide a fascinating display.

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